Prepared by Do' Boyz with love and your health in mind

"​The Best Dust Y​our Butt Ever Had"

A Spicy Savory Sauce Perfect for Vegetables, Meats, Rice, Pastas & Grits


Lemon Pepper Butt Dust

Lemon Pepper  is a zesty, pepper seasoning enriched with garlic perfect for the lemon pepper hot wing lover.

Excellent as a seasoning for fish instead of or as a compliment with lemon juice. As a flavor additive to zucchini, squash, or any grilled vegetable.

No salt or sugar added seasoning

Hot Butt Dust

You provide the meat and we'll provide the Hot and Sweet. If you love Original Butt Dust than you'll love this Hot and Spicy version. It's perfect for the heat lovers.

Great additive to your meat or meal to give your food the impressive edge it's been missing. This salt free seasoning works on all the foods you've loved with the Original Butt Dust.

Add it to sauces such as barbecue, pasta, sweet and sour, teriyaki,and don't forget your marinade. As always a no salt added seasoning


Original Butt Dust

The people pleaser. A bold and sweet mix of natural herbs and spices which takes the places of any barbecue sauce. This rub is great on ham, chicken, turkey, fish, beef, goat, lamb, shrimp.

No additional sodium added seasoning. Use as a shake and bake before or use as after cooking seasoning. Taste is so remarkable that you can actually sprinkle it on your bread.

You pick the meat and let the Original Butt Dust transform your meal into something incredibly wonderful. Compliments to the chef of course

Zombie Butt Dust

Zombie Butt Dust will wake up those dead taste buds in your mouth. It is a unique blend of Sweet Heat, and Citrus.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, put some Zombie Dust on that Butt.


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